The 4-Day Work Week


The 4-Day Work Week


Scoro is on a mission to make the 4-day work week a common business practice! Our journey into a 4-day work week will be fully documented on this site, and our insights shared.
We’re using our own work management software to improve productivity, allowing us to give our people back an extra day every week with no change in salary. 


And we’re going to be radically transparent about the processes and objectives behind our decision. We hope our study will inspire others, and to live up to Scoro’s core mission; being as time-efficient as possible.

Our Journey

Moving to a 4-day work week is not easy. There are many operational, financial and personal considerations to take into account. So we’ve identified seven key areas to focus on, to track how and what we need to change, and how we are progressing.

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We will be radically transparent about our transition into the 4-day work
week and share our learnings and frameworks with the world.